Key Differences Between Down & Down Alternative Comforters

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A good night's sleep is the key to happiness and helps us take on every task effectively the next day. To achieve that, you only need the best quality bedding items, one of which is the comforter or duvet. If you're wondering about the basic difference between a down and down alternative comforter, you should know that it is just about the filling used. Down is obtained from the soft undercoat of birds, and down alternative is a synthetic polyester material that appears just like the natural down. If you're planning to buy a down or down alternative comforter and need to know about the differences in detail, you must read the article further.

Below are three key differences between down and down alternative comforters:

Fill Power

Fill power is the amount of space occupied by a single ounce of down in a particular bedding item. So, if you're buying a down comforter, you must keep an eye over the fill power. Higher fill power means higher insulation, so 400-600 fill is the best option for a warm climate as people may get uncomfortable with the insulation at night. 600-800 fill is a good option for colder weather, and more than 800 is ideal for extremely cold regions where people have to keep themselves warm almost every time.

When it comes to down alternatives, it is made up of several different materials, so it cannot get an idea of its fill power. In addition, down alternative bedding items can be a bit heavier than down as they need to be more densely filled.


Since down is obtained naturally, some people may find the filling allergic, especially the ones allergic to goose down. In addition, down features can cause further problems as they trap skin cells, pet dander, and dust mites. The down alternative is the best option if you're allergic to goosedown or birds. As the down alternative is made of synthetic materials, you won't suffer from bedroom allergies.


People prefer to buy bedding items with the down filling because they are very soft and breathable. In addition, you get a luxurious feeling without being suffocated from the excessive weight that can trouble you in your sleep if you use synthetic bedding items. Furthermore, down offers better breathability when compared to the down alternative. The reason is that the down alternative needs to be filled in excess quantity to offer almost the same warmth and comfort you get from using bedding items. So, if you're looking forward to breathability, you can rely on traditional down filling, but if you want extra comfort, go for the down alternative.  

Final Words

So, if you're confused between down and down alternative filling while buying a bedding item, the differences mentioned above can prove to be very helpful for you to decide. If you want anadjustable pillow or other 100% natural and organic bedding items, you can consider buying them from "Sleep Beyond ."They have been active in the business since 1992 and manufacture top-quality bedding items in their sustainable factories in Kyrgyzstan, so you can rely on the products offered.


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