Biodegradable bags could help saving the planet

Biodegradable bags could help saving the planet

Biodegradable bags are a novelty that could eliminate the problems caused by the countless tons of non-degradable plastic waste that humans generate.cornstarch cup Almost everything we bring home from the store is wrapped in non-degradable plastic. We dispose of garbage in plastic bags almost every day.custom ice cream packaging Every inhabitant of the planet "produces" one ton of garbage every year. The average household uses about 1,500 plastic bags per year. The polymer waste problem is particularly acute in large cities.disposable ice cream cups Waste is collected and discarded in landfills, where it sits for hundreds of years. The decomposition of conventional polymers can take up to 200 years.
The problem of dealing with plastics can be solved by: Regular plastic materials need to be replaced with biodegradable cream cup suppliers The use of biopolymers in all types of plastic packaging will ensure that they are used over a period of weeks to years, not hundreds of years.cup lid manufacturer The upside is that many modern companies have mastered the production of environmentally friendly plastics. The polymer decomposes to form volatile solid products that do not damage the environment.salad paper bowl with cover The mechanism of their decomposition is as follows: firstly, oxidation by light, heat and mechanical loading; and then biodegradation by microorganisms.
Biodegradable plastics are often tested to ensure they degrade in the environment through oxidation and biodegradation.cpla cutlery set Different companies test various environmentally friendly materials. One of these testing methods is accelerated aging - where the material is subjected to high humidity, high temperature and UV radiation for hundreds of hours.printed ice cream cups If experimental results show high performance,custom paper bowls such bioplastics are used in production.Biodegradable bags have the following characteristics: Their decomposition takes 1.5-2 years. Their degradation products are not toxic.They can be placed in compost. They can be processed again.Their strength is comparable to that of standard plastics, and in some cases even exceeds it. Another important feature to look out for: you can even find biopolymer bags for food; just look for those with a food contact certificate.

Trillions of plastic bags end up in landfills, adding to the pollution of our planet. To solve this problem, environmental polymers were developed that decompose into safe components within a few years.paper ice cream containers wholesale A number of companies have begun commercial production of these eco-friendly bags. These new products help save our planet from the looming threat of a "garbage catastrophe". By using biodegradable bags, you will also contribute to saving our planet from waste. For more information on biodegradable bags, visit the Hyde website.custom printed ice cream cup You can conveniently submit your request and get responses from multiple suppliers in one form so you can find the best prices and promotions for your marketing needs.


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