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Brody's guide which Dei Wei linked. 'nuff said. It's possible to OSRS gold test the setup that he offers, for instance, you could bring a Verac's skirt for prayer bonus and defense against range, or any other Barrow's legs just to defend against range. Also, you may want to take a shield in order to compensate for a lower defence level. Consider getting an SGS loan if you're unable to afford an Enhanced Excalibur. It's the absolute lowest.

You'll also want more brews to compensate for inexperience until you're comfortable with the concept of it. I suggest bringing the Prayer Renewal or two (if you are aware of when you should use these) to supplement your prayer restores/super restores that you'll use. In the event you're using a mix of prayer and super restores, only use super restores after you've brewed.

Do not forget to know how to lure properly and what you should do when you come across Jad... because it's a pain to be KO'd before you even see him appear on your screen. Watch a few video guides on prayer switching (that include audio in game) - that helps the most for Jad even if you've never played before. Use your 1m in bolts/arrows for 70-70 range before you even think about it .

What are your current stats? The best thing to avoid is below 90 combat as they'll wreck you, and you'd barely earn any profit (even at lvl 95, last time I tried it, it ended in losses for me, as the pray pots+food cost more than the loot)

I'm a noob. My total level is only 437. I'm not sure how to determine my overall combat level My Attack is 32, Strength 15, Defence 23 Ranged 6, Prayer 20, Magic 49. I'm totally out of balance. When I started playing, I wanted to become a formidable mage, so that's where I put my greatest effort. The reason my attack is as powerful as it is because I like beating bears and buy rs3 gold unicorns with my bare hands and no armor.


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