Madden 22 Will be Free to Play This Weekend

Madden 22 Will be Free to Play This Weekend


Madden 22 Sim: Cardinals at Jaguars turns into Mut 22 coins a defensive Slugfest

Last week's Madden 22 simulation was close to being a recreation of the Arizona Cardinals' win over the Minnesota Vikings, as the video game franchise predicted a Cardinals victory through the field goal in the last second.

Matt Prater won the game in the final moments, instead of Greg Joseph.

Now, the 2-0 Cardinals concentrate on a Jaguars team that boasts No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence. Even though Jacksonville is 0-2 and is still a long way off in the season to be ignoring any team, particularly considering Arizona's end of the 2020 season.

The Cardinals arrive in Florida as seven-point favorites over the Jaguars the Jaguars, a line that some believe they'll cover without difficulty. But that wasn't the case during this week's Madden simulation when the game proved to cheap Madden 22 coins be a battle for defense from the start.


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